Best Practice is John’s brainchild that derived itself as a response to the demand within the Accounting Profession. John observed a gap in the industry, noting the average Sole Practitioner was aged over 50 years and often did not have a succession plan in place.
Alarmingly, the Accounting profession at large also do not have succession plans, nor do their clientele. John’s response was the formation of Providence BSM & the Best Practice Program. Since the success of Providence Elite & BSM, John has been invited to speak in a number of conferences and industry networking events; his most recent being a series of workshops for Best Practice on Change Management.


Become a globally recognised Best Practice Certified Business Advisory firm. Gain recognition for prior learning towards further studies.

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No other specialist advisory firm in Australia has consulted to or assisted more accounting practitioners to either buy, sell, or merge.


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There has never been a more challenging chapter in the history of the accounting industry. Learning how to professionally navigate.

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Few industry experts have built more than 200 accounting firm websites for over fifteen years.Even fewer might claim to better understand accounting…

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The Best Practice Program is a unique, high engagement program founded on worlds’ best practice adult learning methodologie...

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Some of Australia’s fastest growing firms are our current clients and some of the world’s most globally recognized accountants.


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Best Practice Business School delivers the absolute best and proven leadership training in the world today. In addition, our skills development and competency frameworks make leadership development achievable in today’s environment.

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No specialist advisory firm to the profession knows more about improving your team’s productivity or overall performance. Professional service firms all grapple with the ROI of delivering high-quality services that they can recover.

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No other specialist advisory firm has recruited more professionals than the best practice group. With a track record of teaching.

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Going hand in hand with our Fortune 500 Change Management and Talent Factory concepts, no specialist advisory firm to the profession.

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Which Generation Are You?

World’s Best Practice Leadership & Business Improvement Programs for Accountants

Generation 1

20's - 30's

Generation 2

30's - 40's

Generation 3

40's - 50's

Generation 4

55 +

Jake the Ripper

  • Jake comes from a bloodline of small business ownership. He is mature beyond his years and ready to find the right firm capable of offering him a genuine pathway to equity.


Tina the Traveller

  • Tina is an outgoing young gun with skills and personality to boot. Tina might make a sensational client manager however Tina knows a two to three-year stint working overseas is on her bucket list.


Eddie the Techie

  • Eddie has a Masters in taxation and loves research and tax law. Eddie is not the fastest "grinder" in though he's also the in-house "I.T. Guy and Tech Apps. Every firm needs an Eddie the Techie!

Donna the Doer

  • Donna is a power of work, loves her job and her clients. Donna has no interest in equity as she has a young family and may have another child in the future. Great employee & team player.


Mark the Manager

  • Mark is the guy that partners rate. He is loyal, diligent and manages a quality team and portfolio of clients. Mark needs an equity pathway locked down or he may just move for the right opportunity.


Tim the Toolman

  • Tim is a typical “technical” accountant. Tim would make a solid minor equity partner if he has the other "finders and minders" around him. Don't ask Tim to buy you out, he just wants 5 – 10% equity.

Mike the Mentor

  • Mike has attended many seminars and workshops and yet hasn’t sold much equity if any. Mike knows that clock is ticking on growth and his succession plan and is unsure of the exact next step.


Carol the Collaborator

  • Carol is a long-term team player. A minor equity stake (or profit-share option) post age 45 is all she’s likely to consider however this may just be the glue that Carol and her firm both need!


Sam the Super Guy

  • Sam’s strengths are the technical side of superannuation. Sam is not going to buy anyone out as he knows he's not the personality to drive the bus however, Sam's good for between 5 – 10% equity. Eddie the Techie!

Martha the Marvel

  • Martha is a sole practitioner and primary breadwinner in her family. Attracting a junior successor just hasn't worked to date and Martha wants to see some progress on her bucket list (the big goals).


Rob the Realist

  • Rob sees 70+ around the corner and only works four days a week nine months of the year and is not that profitable. The truth is, Rob's growing tired and so is his team, so what’s next?


Chris the Capable

  • Chris and his partners are ageing and only young partner has less than 20% equity and is not going to fork out $2M+. Chris is the oldest and the gun of the three older partners. Much to do here.

John Peterson - Founder


#1 Amazon International Best Selling Author and leading Australian advisor to Accountants and on growth, succession, and work-life balance.  For more than twenty years, John Peterson has carved a niche as one of the world’s most trusted and respected advisors to the accounting profession. In essence he is “the advisor’s advisor”.

John’s brainchild was to form the Best Practice Group, a multi-faceted organisation that exists solely to help Accountants gain access to all the knowledge, implementation, guidance and support they crave.

The Best Practice team are passionate about delivering tangible outcomes for accounting practitioners world-wide. Our company’s mission, vision and values are not just corporate mumbo jumbo, they are our sole reason for existing. We are proud and passionate about what we promise is possible for you and your firm.

OUR MISSION - “Every day we empower Accounting business owners to move from where they are to where they really want to be”


What this means is that every single day, we strive to ensure you achieve greater results for your clients, team, family and yourself!

John Peterson is the Founding Director of Best Practice and has 29+ years’ experience facilitating performance improvement and organisational change. 

Whether it’s time management, cashflow, leadership, team productivity, recruitment, mergers, acquisitions, technology, or systems and efficiencies, John and the Best Practice Group have a track record unsurpassed in the accounting industry.




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