I’m absolutely ecstatic to announce that my book “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Mastery,” is now officially a #1 International Best Seller on Amazon. This is fantastic news for me, my team and for the devoted Best Practice Program members who got “a first look at the book” in its embryonic stages in 2014 –and who will get the first copies of my upcoming second book as well. It’s also exciting for the 1,500 business owners we met for the very first time when they attended our groundbreaking 3 hour workshop “Discovery –The Rules of Business Mastery” which, in truth, was the very source and inspiration of this book and, as history now states, they received their very own free copy of a best-selling paperback just for attending!

But why did the Book Achieve Best-Seller status?

I can’t tell you for sure. I don’t know how Amazon’s algorithms work or why so many people went through with their decision to purchase it. I only know what people claim to have acquired from those willing to write reviews or contact us directly, and share with us what they have achieved.
All I can give you are the facts that I have.
So keep reading and maybe you can figure out why for yourself, based on what I know to be true.

1.Proven Results.

The Entrepreneur’s Guide gives you, the reader, the answers you need to grow your business. These frameworks have been proven through my own businesses and my clients’ success stories.
Unlike the many “instant millionaire recipes” promoted today, my book doesn’t give you a “Band-Aid” solution. Nor does it tell you what you want to hear. Instead, it shares with you what you need to hear, and it gives you the tools so you can get started on building your business foundations the right way from the ground up.
It’s not based on “theories” or “assumptions.”It is real, founded on the knowledge I have tried and tested myself and, once established, I have then gone on to prove in my client’s businesses as well.
So many people have told me they have found the answers they needed in this book –and that’s precisely what I had intended its purpose to be. My passion has always been helping business owners to achieve their objectives, and this book was no exception.

2.Twenty-Five Years of Research

I have come exceptionally and undeniably close to failure in the past, purely because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Like 90% of small business owners and budding entrepreneurs in start-up mode, I was trading on the cash flow cliff edge, about to lose everything –my livelihood, my financial security, and my wife and children, and yet I turned it all around.
25 years of research have fortified the frameworks in this book, and I can safely say that if you or anyone else applied what’s found in this book to your business, you would spend fewer nights tossing and turning, have improved blood pressure, and reduce your likelihood of anxiety or depression. Most of all, you would start learning how to never worry about how you’re going to pay the bills on time again.

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