Steve Jobs was truly remarkable. At a time when the accounting profession is being encouraged to embrace change like never before, what can Accountants learn from Steve Jobs?


Did Apple invent the Personal Computer, the Mobile Phone, the Tablet, or the Sony Walkman? The obvious answer is “no”. Steve Jobs had a crystal clear vision. He could see a better world with his products in it despite entering hotly contested markets with existing product ranges.

Like Apple, the range of products and services Accountants can offer already exist. Accountants need the vision to be able to see a better world for their clients through the provision of better products and services and become inspired to pursue this.


Steve Jobs had an amazing self-belief. This allowed him to pursue any opportunity presented. Accountants could take much from this example and challenge themselves to believe more not only in themselves but also in their ability to learn and evolve in order to achieve the vision.


Too often we see the opposite from accountants whereby they say they cannot grow their businesses, improve their situation, or work fewer hours. This is because of the quality of their staff, and the unrealistic expectations placed upon them by their clients. Steve Jobs would never accept, nor make such excuses. He would take responsibility to drive change and make it happen.


It was never going to be good enough for Steve if Apple produced an average product because Steve Jobs knew the power of a category killer. “So what can I learn from Apple about Accounting,” you ask? The answer is that in today’s digital society if your intellectual property is stuck in your head then it has little or no value. The secret is productizing everything you do. Accountants that learn how to do this have a massive advantage over
their competition because they earn a fundamentally higher income and profits from their core services as products.


Steve Jobs was a great implementer. He knew that there were no prizes in business for having a great idea unless that idea became a proven bestseller and the sales results did all the talking.
Accountants could take note from Steve here and embrace the need to actually implement ideas and take action rather than keep talking about the issues that need fixing.

What made Steve so special?

These attributes on their own are valuable. However, these attributes combined are an amazingly powerful formula for building a great business that offers genuine points of difference to your customers.

Once accountants learn how to apply all of these attributes, is when (like Steve) they can develop powerful and highly effective businesses that are loved and sustained by both customers and employees!
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