You never hear anyone say “I’m going to conquer the world”, but you do hear people say “Let’s go conquer the world.”
What this means is that no one masters a business on their own.
Even John Robertson (“J.R.,” one of my ex-bosses and mentors), who was earning a $26M dividend as a sole director of a +$100M company with 300 employees in multiple countries, still recruited and retained sensational talent and rewarded them handsomely when they outperformed their competitors.
However, today a win-win scenario just isn’t good enough anymore.
It will only keep you in the game, but it most likely won’t allow you to master your business. You win and I win. Yes, that’s great. There’s nothing wrong with achieving a win-win situation.
But a triple win is where you smash records and break down barriers that would have otherwise created years of heartache and, quite possibly, stopped you from realizing your true potential and jeopardized the true potential of your business
If I win and you win and you’re my customer, that’s great
But if I win and you win and you wouldn’t necessarily win, until I had created your opportunity to win. Here is where the third win element enters and changes your business landscape.
Introducing a Woman entrepreneur ADM as your Ambassador (third WIN) will dramatically improve your leverage and speed to market, including the development of powerful distribution channels, and you’ll win
It’ll increase your value to your customer, and grow your wealth along the way.
The triple win is doing what Jim Rohn has said all along.
“You’ll be paid directly based upon the amount of value you bring to the market place”
Sourcing ambassadors and empowering them to win takes value to another level.
Your brand ambassadors, create the most impassioned, excited, motivated, committed and driven sales force on the planet.

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