Business Mastery is only achievable through learning the valuable skill of how to push the work down and simultaneously build the team up.

When I first start working with business owners every one of them soon realizes how important it is to move their role and the majority of their time spent in their businesses from Quadrant A to Quadrant B.

In most cases, it would be foolish even perilous to do so because the way the business operates is also the way it makes money. And so if a business owner spends much of their time in Quadrant A at present then chances are the cash flow may dry up if they suddenly did not spend that time.

The transition from Important and Urgent, to Important But Not Urgent needs to be carefully and methodically planned out. With only a small amount of time allocated to Quadrant B, because most business owners are an essential part of how the business makes money on a physical level. And taking away one of the most expert or significant “producers” of results from any business cannot be done quickly or impatiently, just because we’re suddenly enlightened to where or how we should ultimately be spending our time.

So the trick is to ensure you maintain your patience and discipline. And initially try allocating only two hours per week to Quadrant B activities so that you do not kill the goose that lays your golden eggs on the journey to mastering your business. 

I teach business owners that frustration comes long before results. The more you learn about what you should be doing, the higher your awareness regarding what you should be really doing or should have done with all your time in the past. But making up for lost time is how I lost around two million dollars in a few short years. So I’m hoping you will see me as the sacrificial example so that you don’t have to be and take my advice seriously.


Through working with one of my clients (and proven Business Master) Edward Chan, I discovered a concept he was teaching his employees that was delivering excellent results.

As soon as I saw this in action, I knew this could be further developed and today this has become the ultimate leadership and training tool for any business owner.  It teaches you and your employees precisely how to run the business. And in this system, you will have transformed the daily leadership and as much as eighty percent of the work into a well oiled and systemized machine.

If you use my Ultimate Leadership Tool effectively for one entire year, then your employees will either quit because they know they’re not up to the task of what you really need them to do. Or they will become highly productive, even taking responsibility for all day to day work allowing you to spend up to eighty percent of your time forever after on Quadrant B activities!

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