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The purpose of this document is to discuss the concept of a master plan for growth, a “blueprint”.

Desired Outcome

To achieve the ultimate point of difference for Accountants so they may rely upon this plan for business growth with absolute certainty.


Some people are naturally good at business growth and some are not. Others are naturally good at taking care of business but not growing the business, and some are better at doing the work and not much else.
The disclaimer here is that this strategy will work if you work it (i.e. it’s a recipe). You may require other competencies and skills that you currently do not have enough of, and that’s most likely where the best practice program can support you.
Your core business and its scalability may be an inhibitor to growth and therefore you may require some help from us to further develop your own “script” for growth.
The elements outlined here demonstrate a proven formula and a set of ingredients. That depending upon your geography may also be available to you.

Strategic Competitive Advantage

Success is 20% skills and 80% strategy
-Jim Rohn
This strategy is founded upon the philosophy that strategic competitive advantage is not a “nice to have” it’s a “must have” and therefore the “must” must be evident in your core strategy. The assumption is that few businesses have achieved strategic competitive advantage prior to meeting us at Best Practice. Therefore our role is not only to educate coach and develop you in how to develop the competencies and skills to master your business, but also to assist you to ensure you either develop your own Strategic Competitive Advantage or adopt one we have created for you.
To achieve Strategic Competitive Advantage, there are certain elements that should be considered as follows:
1. Geography
2. Demographics or local market facts & figures
3. Specific Offer or Unique Value Propositions
4. Valuable Contribution to your ideal customer profile
5. A higher purpose
Your five-point blueprint for growth relies on the contribution of each one of the five elements. For this combination is supremely powerful, providing you understand what you are offering and what common needs you are able to address by doing so.
We (the Best Practice Group) have created a revolutionary “turn-key” blueprint for growth for our members that are Accountants and Bookkeepers. The points of strategic competitive advantage, designed as a national initiative with local regional impact for all interested parties.

Your Trojan Horse Strategy -What Every Business Needs

Most businesses fail to mastermind their own Trojan Horse strategy for growth and as such, often report frustrations regarding generating new business and/or attracting talented employees(or a lack of both) over a sustained long term period.
When your growth strategies are effective, your ability to attract talented employees multiplies because talent follows opportunity. The greater the opportunity, the more attractive your company becomes an employer.

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