This is the fundamental step 99% of entrepreneurs and business owners miss and, as a result, never achieve much more than paying themselves a living, which is a bit like buying yourself a job!
Why do people miss it? Because they don’t know what to do. From first-hand experience, it wasn’t until I was in my forties that I finally worked this out and, until now, there had been virtually no documentation (no signposts) for me or anyone else to follow.
Getting your foundation right basically means that 80% of what you do is done by someone else 100% of the time. Although that sounds quite logical, putting this into practice means checking your ego at the door and making your business more valuable than yourself, which isn’t easy for people to do.
A great example of this is McDonalds Restaurants, whereby teenagers operate a multi-billion dollar empire. Clearly, 80% of what needs to be done is done by these kids 100% of the time!
Getting your foundation right is no doubt the longest step in terms of time frames. Depending on your aptitude, sector and good fortune, this will typically take you between 12 months and three years to achieve.


Elevating yourself to a more valuable and strategic role on behalf of your company is virtually impossible until you have your foundation right. Then appointing the right Manager (or Minder) is critical to ensure you can truly pass through the Elevation Stage.
You’ll then spend 50% of your time coaching and mentoring your team and your “minder” so they stay on course, and the other 50% of your time in the “Elevation” role.
Once you’re in this position, your role is to study your products or services, your customers, and your market. Constantly in research and development (“R & D”), you’re slowly but surely masterminding your “market maker” strategy that will eventually dominate your niche and resonate with your ideal customers
You-re also constantly developing and improving the four key competencies(necessities) for success in EVERY business which are:

  • Time Management.
  • Leadership & Employee Culture
  • Cash Flow.
  • Marketing.

This is when, for the very first time, you start to feel like the master of your own destiny because you’re doing truly valuable and rewarding work on behalf of your company and your Vision is actually coming into sight. You can smell, taste and see it not far down the road.
But if you think that was fun, then wait for step three!


Now you’re working on the potency of your Marketing and Sales functions, your channels to market and your own role as the Brand Ambassador for your business. You get to do the most amazing things like networking with your most favorite people in the world, sharing ideas and developing your own knowledge by hanging out with other Business Masters and captains of your own industry.
Key people of influence, alliances and endorsements are creating a new level of momentum behind you, propelling you forward at a rate you have never before experienced.

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