Succession Planning & Equity Dilution

Going hand in hand with our Fortune 500 Change Management and Talent Factory concepts, no specialist advisory firm to the profession has assisted more small firms to dilute equity successfully to the “right” partners.

More than 600 firms have attended our succession planning highly structured programs over 12-24 months since 2011 and more than 1,800 firms Australia wide have attended our unique Discovery workshop since 2012.

Over the past eighteen years, learning how to attract genuine equity participants into your firm has proven to become a life-changing initiative for hundreds of our client firms over the past eighteen years. From sole practitioners working 75 hours a week who’s wakeup call of a mild heart attack, then increasing profits by more than $700K in only twelve months whilst only working 35 hours a week, to family owned and operated firms that desperately needed income growth and efficiency gains, we are proud to claim our spot on the world stage as one of the most relied upon succession planning expert advisory firms in the world to the accounting profession.

No other Australian specialist advisory firm has assisted more accountants to buy, sell, merge or dilute equity than the Best Practice Group.

Our success is not purely based on being the best “brain surgeons” in the business, it’s also because our philosophy is to educate, mentor, coach, and nurture you and your teams’ own skills and abilities whilst teaching you world-leading intellectual property that creates sustainable growth and succession outcomes within your very own firm.

Teaching you the recipes then assisting you to achieve these outcomes is one of our really big “why’s”. In fact, it’s so rewarding to us it’s like a drug!
“Why” (a term made popular in recent times by thought leaders such as Simon Sinek).

Our best students (Accountants as clients) rarely have to sell their firm on the open market because instead they build world-class businesses that elevate themselves to work less and less over time, eventually seeing the firm and its next generations of participants continue to take it to the next level with less and less reliance on the firms’ senior partners.

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