There are much hype and promotion today online about how easy it is to make it big. The truth is that’s crap most of the time. Online overnight success with little or no effort is less probable than winning the lottery. I rarely buy lottery tickets and I long ago stopped trying to make “fast” money in business.
Is that a contradiction to the title of this book? Not if you read into the content for you are learning those twenty-five years of dedication and research has finally led me to a point in life, where I can do it over again and again and every new business I launch these days rockets along towards success.
But how and why is this now possible?


To lose $1M is to appreciate the fine line between success and failure, and to further appreciate how a rapid growth environment that is ego driven can bring you down much more quickly than you think.
But to then go through it all again less than 4 years later was nothing short of mass destruction and for a moment in time, almost ruined everything good in my life.
This was my darkest hour. Years of success, then failure twice in four years!
My entire life unraveled before my eyes. I drank too much, became bitter and twisted, stopped exercising and blamed everyone else. I had become the ultimate victim.


I am not proud of the mistakes I made. But I am extremely proud to have always gotten up again after being dealt knockout punches more than once.
Today I possess an undeniably unique appreciation of how tough being a business owner can be at times, and how lonely it can be in those dark moments of uncertainty when debtors blow out or you lose a couple of key clients, or a quality employee walks out on you.
Although resilience and determination are extremely important please do not be distracted by them as the only ingredients to achieve Business Mastery.
You must actually do what a business master does to become one.
Surprisingly after years of study and documenting, I can proudly offer you the SYSTEM MASTER YOUR PRACTICE.


Having directly worked for and then ultimately personally coached, consulted and advised many Business Masters in how to improve their businesses over the journey, I now appreciate the importance of doing things in the right order.
Many of you understand much of the basic principles and theories but what you keep telling me is putting it into practice is a whole different ball game
Your dominos also relates to a number of key success ingredients, not just implementation strategies.
What I really love is witnessing each of you commence then achieve milestones on your journey to business mastery, in particular when your entire team becomes aligned with your goals and objectives and together you pursue these with passion and direction.

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