The Foundation Year Mantras:

“80% of what I do can be done by somebody else 100% of the time”
“Clarity, Focus, Implementation”

When we first start out in business we’re not always aware of how our egos can get in the way of building a great business. No intends to be ego driven however on a subconscious level it gets in the way for ninety-nine percent of all business owners.

Doing things our very own way without compromise regardless of the commerciality or reasoning behind our actions is so personally satisfying that we form bad habits in business that run deep and are difficult to change.

What this means is we build businesses with a lack of design and we justify that there has been careful attention to detail on service quality or product development however as I shared with you in earlier chapters these things alone will not get you to business mastery. So what are we talking about then?

In the remainder of this book, I will connect all the dots for you so that you have the ultimate frame of reference (like a pre-designed domino board) and all you have to do is place the dominoes on the board one domino at the time. What I have discovered is that when you follow the secret pathway laid out in a simple step-by-step process anyone can pursue business mastery effectively.


The reason why only 1% of business owners pursue business mastery is there has never been a step by step book series written until now! Sure there are self help books but I don’t believe there has been an instruction manual such as this book series (and the books I have planned for you that will follow) before.
Only a very small percentage of individuals achieve Business Mastery through their own endeavors. The are plenty of examples however through the blood-lines of successful families where next of kin inherit the business mastery code as it’s handed down from previous generations.

There are five stages every business must go through to achieve business mastery as the following table outlines demonstrates;

Stage One – The Foundation
Stage Two – Elevation
Stage Three – Momentum
Stage Four – Continuity
Stage Five – Mastery

Initially I as a little naïve For the remainder of this book we will focus on all the things you need to achieve in your foundation year.


Planning & Time Management
Personal Goals
Mission Vision & Values
Strategic Objectives
Change Management & Growth
Competencies & Structure
People & Performance
Productisation & Segmentation
Test & Measure
Acquire Retain Develop


If you fail to plan then you’re planning to fail. Plenty of people believe they’re reasonably effective with their time and yet they don’t have a live current business plan which contradicts any self defence. The first thing I teach business owners is to take themselves seriously through an ongoing commitment to planning & time management. In the next chapter I will cover this in detail however consider how likely it would be that you would build a house without a proper plan? The answer is obvious yet ninety nine percent of business owners do not govern then business ongoing through an ongoing business plan!

Nothing will alter your life more than the effective prioritization of your time. If you can learn the disciplines of blocking out diary time each day / week for important planning tasks then this will change your life forever. Most people have never experienced the value of this approach so “they don’t know what they don’t know”. I have developed intensive planning and time management tools and teach these to my own clients because without mastery of these skills you are going to struggle to create a substantial business below you that can eventually run itself and pay you a passive income.

Tip – block out at least two hours a week for planning and working “on” yourself and your business and turn off the phone, the email, and any access to the outside world so you’re effective.

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