In today’s time scared society, the ever-increasing trend is to “go to a specialist”. Niche specializations are cropping up on every corner with the primary purpose of making our lives “easier”.
The same concept applies to “getting your financial house in order”. As your accountants, our expertise is fundamentally different from yours. We have dedicated our lives to mastering “Financial Literacy” and therefore, our knowledge can be a valued resource for you to tap for much more than just a tax return.


Have you ever admired anyone?

  • A super fit and healthy person that exercises all the time?

  • A great time manager that always has time available and is never rushed?

  • An investor that is financially secure and always has disposable income at hand?

  • A great mother that provides healthy food sources for her children?

Consider this… you admire them for “WHAT” they do but the trick is in fact “HOW” they do it.

Accumulating wealth or assets may seem less realistic for some. But in truth, it’s not the “what” that is the problem, it’s the “how” you are going about it that is the problem. Too many people make excuses based on their lives, their income levels, their personal situation etc. But in truth it’s not “what” they do, it’s “how” they’re doing it that is the problem.


We all appreciate the concept of getting the foundation right before building a house. However, this is the single biggest mistake people make when it comes to not achieving their financial goals. Spending a small amount of time getting your foundation right is the key to all things in life (education, career, parenting, wealth etc.)


For example, a car wash cafe on the way to my office enables me to stop for coffee or light breakfast, prepare for my team meeting, and step back into a nice clean car fifteen minutes later. In the past, I would stop at a “do it yourself” car wash and pop a $2 coin in the machine but today, this is NOT GOOD USE OF MY TIME.


Developing a master plan is like having a road map of all things financial. It does not matter if you are a business owner, a property investor, a trustee of your own SMSF, or none of these but have the desire to achieve financial success. The key is your Master Plan.


Talking with us in confidence about your financial goals and objectives is another way to get started. There is much to be said about aiming for a target. For example, having $2M (today’s value) of income-producing assets in your own Self-Managed Super Fund unencumbered on retirement should produce in excess of $100K income per annum for the rest of your life.

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