The 2 Secret Weapons of Entrepreneurs

By John Peterson

It’s one thing to start a business, it’s another entirely to arrive at the level of self-employment that sustains your own personal income. However, that’s a whole world away from actually mastering that business -and that’s the world I prefer to play in; the world of Business Masters.
What if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there was no way your big idea was going to fail? Would you do it differently?
My first business failure was at the age of 19. Looking back, it was such a non-event that it didn’t even make it into my very first book about being. Yet at the time my self-esteem (like any kid when faced with the realization of failure) took a pounding.
My second business failure was at the even riper age of 22. This time around it still didn’t make it into my book. This was a more legitimate business failure, having leased an office and gone into some real debt.
In both examples, I was already demonstrating the secret weapons of the successful entrepreneur: courage and denial.
These very two same attributes were dominant in my 3rd business failure which was 15 years later. This time, however, my losses were looking like a $ long distance telephone number -and yes, this time the example did make it into my book.
So, why am I talking about business failures if the purpose of this article is to discuss these two powerful attributes and how they can lead to success? Because, depending on who’s in control (Mr. Yin or Mr. Yang), both of these attributes can either make you rich beyond your wildest dreams or lead you towards dismal failure multiple times over


This wonderful -and dare I say -often overused term, in my opinion, is at times misunderstood. The Oxford dictionary definition is;
a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit
Now, if you ask me, that’s not a recipe for success!
Whilst there is nothing wrong with being positive or hoping to do well, there are few other things you may want to do as well as have a positive mindset which we will cover in the near future.
In the meantime, let’s dig deep into the pros and cons of our two topics of the day: Courage & Denial.

COURAGE (an overview)

Courage in significant doses may be required to embrace the concept that one day, soon enough, you will need to recruit or report to people smarter than you. These people will often have greater skills than you in certain things, which may even lead to them telling (if not at least advising) you what to do, as well as when and how to do it.
Courage is not a difficult concept for the entrepreneur, for it takes courage to even get started in your own business. However, it takes a lot more courage to go beyond the startup phase and to actually learn how to become a mature business owner, and eventually master your business.

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