Buy, Sell, Merge

No other specialist advisory firm in Australia has consulted to or assisted more accounting practitioners to either buy, sell, or merge.

With more than 125 successful transactions since 2004, we can provide you with privacy, consultation, and advice to ensure your eventual transaction is the right one.

We’re proud to still host one of the first dedicated websites (yes that makes it one of the oldest!) specifically for accountants when in contemplation of a major initiative such as one of these.

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Buying fees or acquiring a firm can be a life-changing move for the better as well as a potential disaster that can therefore either save you as much as ten years or cost you between five and ten. The challenge is often trying to get your attention because the benefit of hindsight is too late which can leave you quite bitter and twisted if you buy the wrong one or agree to the terms of the deal naively.

The same can be said for principles selling their firm as the final big-ticket item in terms of capital realisation. Every buyer deserves to get what they paid for and every seller deserves to realise their full capital value fairly and justly.

De-risking both buyer and seller only comes from a twenty-year history of facilitating or advising on more than 125 of these highly emotive transactions. Our triple win philosophy is a must if you aim to complete either a buy, a sell or a merger and feel the best possible outcome was achieved for all.

Note: Providence BSM is the brainchild of our founder, John Peterson. John is a #1 Amazon International Best-Selling Author with a Fortune 500 Consulting Background and the only Jack Zenger (Zenger Miller) accredited advisor in Australia specialising in change management services for the accounting profession.

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