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Selling Your Practice Is No Longer Easy

Five years ago, we were seeing all-time highs with regards to professional practice trade sale values. Today, the pendulum has swung and the entire market has changed dramatically. This article addresses the harsh and challenging realities that many accountants and financial advisors are yet to discover as the new home truths about their market. [...]

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Value Adding Email

Good Morning Team, The more I work with accountants, the more I have come to understand not only what works, but what doesn't work and why. I believe there are four levels of value adding that you and your firm can aspire to be achieving: VALUE ADDING LEVEL ONE: The Unstructured Yet Valuable Value [...]

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The Most Common Complaints About Accountants From Clients

By Ed Chan, Founder of Chan & Naylor Accountants. Over the years of being a practicing accountant, I was always amazed at the number of clients who used to say that I was the only accountant that they could understand when I explained something to them. Most clients would say that they simply nodded [...]

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The Mindset For True Happiness And Success

By John Peterson HOW IS YOUR MINDSET GOING? Have you ever had a really bad day? Have you ever stumbled out of bed the wrong way, stubbed your toe immediately and then discovered the entire day slowly turned to crap? We have all had one, right? Did you end up telling yourself: “I can [...]

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The Future For Accountants Sadly Is Black And White

TITLE OPTIONS: a) 75% of Accountants FEAR the FUTURE b) Why 75% of Accountants FEAR the Future and only 25% will FORGE it. c) The Future for Accountants Sadly is BLACK and WHITE There has been much hype about "The Cloud" and the need to add value, and the threat of the potential death [...]

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The Blueprint For Growth

Introducing the Best Practice Ecosystem for Accountants and SME’s Powered by Best Practice Group Supported by the Best Practice Triple Double Guarantee. Purpose The purpose of this document is to discuss the concept of a master plan for growth, a “blueprint”. Desired Outcome To achieve the ultimate point of difference for Accountants so they [...]

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The 5 Stages To Business Mastery

STEP ONE –FOUNDATION This is the fundamental step 99% of entrepreneurs and business owners miss and, as a result, never achieve much more than paying themselves a living, which is a bit like buying yourself a job! Why do people miss it? Because they don’t know what to do. From first-hand experience, it wasn’t [...]

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Starting Your Practice From Scratch

It's perhaps the dream of most accountants. That is, to hang up their own shingle and make a mark on society through the professional, ethical and value-adding potential role of being a public accountant. GOING OUT ON YOUR OWN People go out on their own at all ages and for a wide variety of [...]

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Small Accounting Firms Are Doubling Every 4 Years

When Ray, a sole practitioner first signed up for the Best Practice Program, he made it very clear he wanted to grow his firm. Back then his small practice was largely made up of smaller clients, a far cry from the A class clients Ray aspired to attract. Three years later, his practice has [...]

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