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Being a High School dropout, I did not impress nor was impressed by the school system. Fortunately, in later years I came to respect the vitality of education and I’ll share some points on this potency a little later.
Trial and error in the workforce as a 16-year-old has its share of ups and downs. However, I never lost sight of my dream, however far fetched given my upbringing.
Earlier this week, I shared a few dark stories with you about how I lost $1M twice. If you missed this article click here to download your own copy.
Today I want to share perhaps my greatest learning from those disasters.


I believe that we often miss our greatest opportunity to influence others when we do not stay connected with our innermost values and beliefs. I believe everyone that has ever “hung up their shingle” has been extremely passionate at least at one point in time. The hard part is sustaining this passion when it is needed the most when the going gets tough!
When I went through a really dark period in business, my passion was not there. It’s understandable for your sense of direction and motivation to falter when you lose a substantial amount of money, but when your better employees start to jump ship this is an even greater problem.


Through my darkest hours (many years ago now), some incredibly valuable and loyal employees stood by me.
This is a great barometer of how passionate and focused you are as a business owner. Your people will typically act out the message that you are sharing with them. Their level of accountability and motivation will directly relate to the job you have done as a business owner and leader.
If you click on the VIDEO link here and watch a one-minute video featuring my employees, you can then gauge how passionate they are when compared to your own team.

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