In preparation for today -yup THE ONE DAY BEING EARLIER TODAY, my 90 minutes over breakfast and coffee was a little longer than most days of the week.
Because when I’m in a peak period such as pre-Christmas, pre-Easter, or any pre-Holidays’ scenario I’m intending to do MORE in LESS time than usual…
A BLOG opportunity perhaps.
So, contrary to a lot of what I see going on, instead of heading off into a panic or frenzy each day, I tend to spend more time planning in peak periods than usual.
Planning to Plan is and has been my motto for a number of years now. It’s not always easy and human nature is imperfect we all know that, however, the motto still stands the test of time for me.
So, This leads to two and a half pages of notes allowed me to clearly
1) Draft in handwritten notes.
2) Type up to avoid being called a pharmacist.
3) Review, then cut and paste until I have refined my priorities.
4) Assign some names to each project or task that might help me.
a) Get it done or, b) Remind me of whom to talk to on a particular matter, so I’m effective when the day gets busier.
= At this point, my plans are starting to even appear somewhat intelligent as if someone I respect wrote them (haha)
By the time I’ve arrived at the office, my plans are in the inbox of my entire team, the “heads up” is well and truly provided, and a constructive team meeting kicks off the day.
Your #stress, #worklifebalance, and #timemanagement are not the only benefits from effective planning during peak periods. So too can your productivity and your team’s productivity as well (if you have employees).
So when you’re under the pump, ask yourself if you’re really making an impact on your workload and your strategic objectives at the same time, or if a little more planning before & after each day might be worth a go!
Here’s a nice little video of our team executing today’s’ plan.

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