By John Peterson

If you could live a life less ordinary what would you do differently? I believe that if we’re really honest with ourselves there are many things in this life we would “do-over” with the benefit of hindsight. Would you agree?
I have spent my entire life learning, fascinated with how much smarter I am for the mistakes but wishing I had acted sooner or slightly differently when I had the chance.
Would we all have become the people we are today without the mistakes, the lessons learned the hard way etc…?


Henry Ford once said that failure is merely an experience on the way to success. I believe that in many scenarios I have learned much more from those devastating failures along the way than from the successes. The successes become fond memories but the failures remind me of the better person I long to become.


However, looking back it really is the combination of successes and failures that create our own “personal blueprint” or our outlook, our model of the world. And although therefore both the successes and failures are equally as important in the story of my own life, these days I am far more motivated by the fear of not becoming the best version of myself that I can possibly be that I might create new regrets in the future … and so I strive on hungry for knowledge and thirst for personal growth and mastery of every single opportunity presented me today and in the future.


Not going back to school or further studies as an adult? Not learning the piano these past ten years? Not learning how to make money online while asleep? Not getting serious about health and fitness for more than ten years? Not creating better eating habits or getting to bed earlier and starting each day at dawn being super organized?
Oh, ok, so when I stop and think about it, its easy to quickly draft up a long list of regrets and if we’re not careful these regrets can act as a dead weight on our own shoulders or an anchor, suggesting to us that we cannot do much about them, or that this is who we are, just a so-called “average” Joe etc.


When we reflect we start to explore much more than the failed or flawed outcome (or our failures) of the past. Instead, we start to reflect on the situation, the rationale or the back story, the options we did or didn’t fully appreciate at the time and why we made the decisions or took the actions we did.
It’s a subtle shift in mindset however reflecting on one’s past rather than just regretting it is far more constructive and offers a window of opportunity and hope into a brighter future.


I know it’s now always easy to take the benefit of hindsight and repackaging your own model of the world. Some hindsight’s are so damn frustrating and hurtful that doing so can bring those feelings back to the surface.
However, learning how to discipline ourselves to do so eventually becomes liberating for as they say “the truth shall set you free”.

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